Vancouver, さようなら

I have been to the airport a few times but never have I been on the international side.

When you first walk in; past all the duty free shops; there are these two big native inspired wooden statues. They are quite pretty, the amount of detail in the carving is amazing.

I love aquariums and the airport has this huge aquarium/wall segment built into it. The aquarium holds lots of fish and starfish.


Nippon Day 2~

Alright, so I know I skipped a day but I was unable to blog in Shanghi. But anyways, I’m in Japan now. It is 9:41 am on August 26th.

My flight to Shanghi was ok. It was long at my plane was really packed together. I felt squished. But Shanghi was cool! I only saw he airport of course. I felt really weird because I was so much taller than everyone else, even the men.

My flight was delayed by one hour. That sucked. I was worried because I knew I had people waiting for me at the airport, at least Tomomi. When I finally arrived I had to fill out some forms but the security was really nice and most of them could speak english. I still felt like a gaijin. Gomenasai, nihongo chotto wakarimasu!

When I got through security Tomomi was waiting there with her daughter Yui. I was so tired and pretty much forgot any Japanese I knew. It was awkward. But we walked to her car trying to make small talk and it was alright. When we got to the car, I realized her whole family was here and I kind of felt bad because it was so late. We got to their house at around 12:30 pm. I took a shower and went to sleep.

I have been taking lots of photos and will try to upload some today.

Mata ne またね~

Nippon Day 1~

Ok, so I am technically not in Japan yet. Still in Vancouver, just chilling at the airport. My little sister was here for the last two weeks, that was fun. I mis my family!

Anyways, for you who do not know me, I am OBSESSED with Japan. Ok not in a super creepy way >_> but you know..obsessed. I love everything about Japan. Well almost… Their language and culture. And land. I have wanted to go since grade three, when I could sit with my toes together better than everyone else in the class 🙂 And now I am going!

So this is what this blog was made for! I wanted to try to start early to get some followers but that clearly didn’t pan out… But I PROMISE I will be blogging everyday about my glorious 21 days of Japan. SO keep checking back!


P.S. I got a camera charger! *yayy* so now I can also take my own photos and post photos of the stuff I have made..which also means an update to my etsy shop. So check in soon ok? ❤

Everything Is Illuminated

Good evening everyone,

Today Nathan and I went to see a movie at my friends theatre room in her apt. We saw the movie “Everything is Illuminated” from 2005 starring Ellijah Wood.

I must say that I have never ever heard of this movie before. but it was really good! It is based off of the novel written by Jonathan Safran Foer. It is about Jonathan, who goes to try and find a women in the Ukraine who helped save his grandfather during the Holocaust. I think that this film was super intresting and would recommend it to anyone who is intrested in that period of history.

Anyways, on my way home now.



Today Nathan and I ate at Charcoal; a sushi & BBQ restaurant; for the first time. (yes, we eat alot of sushi) Anyways, it is definetly a place I would recommend. We got our food fast and the chefs were really kind. It was quite busy but the service was still really great!
Here is a link to the google page… Check it out, read reviews and definetly go.

(image from



So I feel like there are many things that I could blog about. I could find another cool post about some other Japanese fashion I like or talk more about stuff that I make. Or even about myself and my career and where I see my self going and what not.

No, today I want to introduce you all to a little friend of mine. Her name is Aiko (you can once again see my obsession with Japan) and she is a chihuahua crossed with a pomeranian. So cute huh?


Sorry for the poor photo, I’ll fix it tomorrow! promise. ごめなさい~

Grimoire 2nd Anniversary: Dolly Kei Party

I am just going to put this out there: I LOVE JAPAN!!! I love their fashion, their people and their food! (and i am a hella picky eater…so that says alot) I have current plans to make my way out there in August, THIS August, but that is for another day.

今, I was just sitting on facebook, creeping photo albums and playing on apps and saw this link to some photos from a “Dolly Kei Party”. I decided to click it because I was intrigued and it look like some sort of “Japanese” thing. (so what? obsessed!)

WOW! It looks like one of the most unique events to have attended and I wish I could have experienced it. The attire reached my expectations and beyond. すごい~ My favourite is a photo this girl and she has her hair all done up with a boat in it. Wait not just a boat, and ship! It is really impressive. They deffinetly mixed up the lolita style with the vis. kei style and I really like it.

I hope I will get the opportunity to do/go to something like this when I make my visit. Check it out!
oyasumi ❤

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