Nippon Day 2~

Alright, so I know I skipped a day but I was unable to blog in Shanghi. But anyways, I’m in Japan now. It is 9:41 am on August 26th.

My flight to Shanghi was ok. It was long at my plane was really packed together. I felt squished. But Shanghi was cool! I only saw he airport of course. I felt really weird because I was so much taller than everyone else, even the men.

My flight was delayed by one hour. That sucked. I was worried because I knew I had people waiting for me at the airport, at least Tomomi. When I finally arrived I had to fill out some forms but the security was really nice and most of them could speak english. I still felt like a gaijin. Gomenasai, nihongo chotto wakarimasu!

When I got through security Tomomi was waiting there with her daughter Yui. I was so tired and pretty much forgot any Japanese I knew. It was awkward. But we walked to her car trying to make small talk and it was alright. When we got to the car, I realized her whole family was here and I kind of felt bad because it was so late. We got to their house at around 12:30 pm. I took a shower and went to sleep.

I have been taking lots of photos and will try to upload some today.

Mata ne またね~


Nippon Day 1~

Ok, so I am technically not in Japan yet. Still in Vancouver, just chilling at the airport. My little sister was here for the last two weeks, that was fun. I mis my family!

Anyways, for you who do not know me, I am OBSESSED with Japan. Ok not in a super creepy way >_> but you know..obsessed. I love everything about Japan. Well almost… Their language and culture. And land. I have wanted to go since grade three, when I could sit with my toes together better than everyone else in the class πŸ™‚ And now I am going!

So this is what this blog was made for! I wanted to try to start early to get some followers but that clearly didn’t pan out… But I PROMISE I will be blogging everyday about my glorious 21 days of Japan. SO keep checking back!


P.S. I got a camera charger! *yayy* so now I can also take my own photos and post photos of the stuff I have made..which also means an update to my etsy shop. So check in soon ok? ❀