Everything Is Illuminated

Good evening everyone,

Today Nathan and I went to see a movie at my friends theatre room in her apt. We saw the movie “Everything is Illuminated” from 2005 starring Ellijah Wood.

I must say that I have never ever heard of this movie before. but it was really good! It is based off of the novel written by Jonathan Safran Foer. It is about Jonathan, who goes to try and find a women in the Ukraine who helped save his grandfather during the Holocaust. I think that this film was super intresting and would recommend it to anyone who is intrested in that period of history.

Anyways, on my way home now.




Today Nathan and I ate at Charcoal; a sushi & BBQ restaurant; for the first time. (yes, we eat alot of sushi) Anyways, it is definetly a place I would recommend. We got our food fast and the chefs were really kind. It was quite busy but the service was still really great!
Here is a link to the google page… Check it out, read reviews and definetly go.

(image from urbanspoon.com)



So I feel like there are many things that I could blog about. I could find another cool post about some other Japanese fashion I like or talk more about stuff that I make. Or even about myself and my career and where I see my self going and what not.

No, today I want to introduce you all to a little friend of mine. Her name is Aiko (you can once again see my obsession with Japan) and she is a chihuahua crossed with a pomeranian. So cute huh?


Sorry for the poor photo, I’ll fix it tomorrow! promise. ごめなさい~