Grimoire 2nd Anniversary: Dolly Kei Party

I am just going to put this out there: I LOVE JAPAN!!! I love their fashion, their people and their food! (and i am a hella picky eater…so that says alot) I have current plans to make my way out there in August, THIS August, but that is for another day.

今, I was just sitting on facebook, creeping photo albums and playing on apps and saw this link to some photos from a “Dolly Kei Party”. I decided to click it because I was intrigued and it look like some sort of “Japanese” thing. (so what? obsessed!)

WOW! It looks like one of the most unique events to have attended and I wish I could have experienced it. The attire reached my expectations and beyond. すごい~ My favourite is a photo this girl and she has her hair all done up with a boat in it. Wait not just a boat, and ship! It is really impressive. They deffinetly mixed up the lolita style with the vis. kei style and I really like it.

I hope I will get the opportunity to do/go to something like this when I make my visit. Check it out!
oyasumi ❤


New Item: Set of 3 Perler Bead Desert Magnets

Hey everybody,
So I hope by now you all took a look at my Etsy Shop and probably realized that it is really empty. That is because I am in current lack of a camera, but don’t worry, there are lots of goodies to come.

Like these fun little magnets that I just put up on the market this morning. Did anyone else every play with perler beads when they were little? I always liked making random designs and then watched as my mom magically melted them together. Anyways, I have created this adorable set of three magnets that would look adorable on any magnetic surface. I made a popsicle, Ice Cream (who dosn’t love ice cream?), and my favourite; a cupcake.

Anyways, check em out on Etsy!
mata ne~


Hi, you have found your way to my blog! This is something I have wanted to create for awhile but just never knew what to blog about.

Well here it goes, in this blog I will talk about things that I make (which you can also check out on my Etsy Store), things that I find interesting in my city(Beatiful Vancouver), and trends that I think are cool.

If you should know… I am from Edmonton, AB but moved to Vancouver to attend the Art Institute. Unfortunatly, that did not go as planned so I am just sort of doing my own thing until I decide to go back to school.

Anyways, I hope you all keep checking in.
Welcome to my world.